Category Archives: MobilePhone Brands Introduces Standalone Smart TV Package currently announced the availability of their Jadoo Box, Jadoo Tv, the IPTV services with standalone package and offer. Jadoo TV declares that new smart Jadoo TV, Jadoo Plus supplies users with 125 channels, Moreover it will certainly offer users with a very large amount of videos along with a huge collection of free Movies. […]

An Overview of the Jadoo TV

JadooTV is considered to be the “magic box” that offer on demand and live content from the countries like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Nepal. JadooTV is available in three types. Jadoo3 is the latest version of the JadooTV. The hardware of this TV supports 1080P High Definition through the HDMI port, but […]


Cruising there here, here and there Travelling along the beautiful moonlit landscape of the Pyrenees’, on an overnight bus from San Sebastian destined for Barcelona, could and should have been a rather tranquil, relaxing journey, with sleep coming to one with ease, albeit you don’t have to compete your own minds thoughts against the frantic, […]

Hurry, Get Your Favorite Mobile Handsets or Tablets Using Your Shopping Coupons!

Flipkart as you may already know is the number one Indian shopping website that has gained tremendous amount of popularity since the past year. Lots of purchases are made from the website on a regular basis and the products get delivered right on time. If you are also a tech geek and you are looking […]

Link removal services

In the race to achieve top position in the search engine ranking index, many companies hire SEO professionals who offer all kinds of help, both positive and negative, to take their client site reach the  top spot.  But negative efforts do more harm than good. They pave way for penalty. Those websites that have links […]

Compact Discs and their Covers

Music companies earned millions by selling music records during 70s, 80s, and music CDs during 90s. This may sound weird, but during 90s some people used to buy multiple copies of CDs just because they wanted to get additional CD cover featuring pictures and signature of their favorite artist. This is the era of tablet […]