Technical feasibility and benefits of Internet radio broadcasting

Internet has changed the world we live in. With the Internet technology we have got to connect with numerous people all over the world, and so it is quite obvious that Internet would be used for improving our TV experience and that of the radio too.

In fact, the broadcasting industry has gone through some serious technology based changes in the last decade. So, now with the introduction of the digital technology, the radio stations can successfully stream their broadcast over the Internet.

So, Internet radio broadcasting is a completely feasible option and there are various benefits of Internet streaming. Some of these are:

1. Easy reachability to target audience - With the Internet technology, the reachability with regards to the target audience improves. You can reach through advertisements to specific audience, with regards to both the local and the global market. Connecting to the Internet is just a matter of seconds, so reaching out to audience obviously becomes easy for the broadcasters.

2. Broadens the audience base - Internet streaming and broadcasting helps a lot in broadening the audience base. With the Internet it is possible to connect all over the world, and so most obviously the audience base increases too.

3. Increased listening time - It was seen that on an average, listeners of the radio spend around 30 minutes and may be more listening to radio while driving a car. Internet radio is available 24/7 and so people can listen to it even when they work, or chat or surf online or are shopping.

4. Improves loyal listener base
 - Internet helps in creating and improving the loyal base of listeners. People from all over the world can listen to a certain program of their liking whenever and wherever possible, because of the advantage of archived shows. This has been possible only through Internet radio broadcasting. Rather than listening to what is available locally, people can now choose the programs of their choice. Therefore, loyal customer base improves a lot with such streaming facilities.

5. Increased revenue through advertising - The advertisements will reach to a larger market through Internet. That means, people all over the world will be able to know about the programs and the streamings. This is going to help a lot in improving the revenue earned through the broadcasting.

In addition to the above, you will also be able to get obtain greater opportunities with regards to e-commerce.