Covert music for free from YouTube to QuickTime

People keep on downloading their favorite videos from YouTube into their personal computers. These people also want to listen to the music when they are on the go. Thus there is a need to export all these video files in the portable device. But one thing should be kept in mind that the videos that are downloaded from YouTube are in the FLV format.

This is a very popular format and is being as the format for videos in most of the sites that keep videos. But when the person goes to play the FLV format videos like ipod and iphones he faces a lot of problem. Most of us are aware of the fact that FLV files act as container files that transfer over the internet. Most of the reputed video websites use this formats to play the videos.

Thus it is very necessary to covert the FLV files into formats that are supported by QuickTime. The converter can be downloaded from the website. This youtube to quicktime free mac converter is highly recommended. It has various features like fast conversion of the formats and stability. The user can use the software easily as the interface id very user friendly. Just a few clicks are needed to convert the FLV file to another video format.

In case the chrome youtube downloader not working not working then the person can use other downloaded plugins. The user of the Mac personal computer has to follow some simple steps top perform the conversion. Once the file is converted it can sent to the Apple device and thus person can enjoy the music anytime and from anywhere.