How SEO Works???

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is used to optimize the result page of search engine in various forms. There are several search engines available on the Internet like Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on. In this list Google stands in the first position because this search engine is widely used by several users and also many users are involved more in this search engine compared to other search engines.
Search Engine Optimization is carried out by SEO consultants, who are well trained and specialized in this area to make the optimization of the result page. Google algorithm will list the result page in the criteria, as whichever page has more traffic in a gradual or drastic way will be ranked first and will be placed in the first position on the result page when a user types related keyword to that web site.
There are several background processes done by SEO consultants, who work for their web site to make the users to visit their page by doing several innovations in their web sites and also making a move in the internet to make users aware about their web sites.
The target of SEO consultants and also the search engines are towards keywords, because how the keyword routinely used by users make the search engines to calculate the keyword density. This will make the search engines to calculate the traffic over a web site, this is also said to be search engine analytics which give a clear picture of the traffic over the web site.

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