SaaS has been around for a long time, Reap the Benefits of Established

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is a subscription to a hosted softwareproduct, and it’s becoming very popular in modern business. Gone are the days of going into a computer store to buy software on a CD.

Though digital
downloads replicate the idea of buying and owning a piece of software, more companies are buying software subscriptions to cloud based software. This model has many benefits for both parties. SaaS allows the customer to buy only what they need, when they need it.It avoids the large up-front costs of buying expensive software.Though there were initial concerns about cloud security, years of work by IT support personnel has led to secure standards which are strong enough to hold sensitive corporate data.

Another huge benefit of SaaS is cloud scalability, where cloud hosting providers can add more data storage as needed, thanks to massive server arrays. SaaS also allows end users to benefit from instant updates, rather than having to wait to buy and install new software.

One notable, recent switch to a SaaS model was made by Adobe. They retired their Creative Suite software, and instead sell licenses to the Creative Cloud, which allows access to their software on a monthly basis. Microsoft has done the same thing, replacing Microsoft Office with Office 365, an online subscription service for their popular office software.

If you have concerns about SaaS services, your best bet is to talk to a local company you’re interested in, like IT Support Santa Monica. The IT Support company can answer your questions about cloud security and SaaS packages, and ensure that appropriate security precautions are in place.

Though we sometimes see news coverage of major companies being hacked, this is really only news because it is so rare, and overall cloud hosting is incredibly safe. Talk to IT Support Santa Monica or another local company to find out more about SaaS today.

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