Top Anti-Theft Apps To Protect Your Laptop

For peace of mind you need to protect your laptop from the consequences of it being lost or stolen. You wouldn’t want just anyone rifling through your private data and losing sensitive company information could have a serious effect on your career.

If your laptop has simply been mislaid it would be handy to send a message to help the finder return it. If it has been stolen, how about the satisfaction of nailing the villain and sending in the police?

There are a number of apps, free and otherwise that offer protection services. Devices can be tracked, locked to prevent unauthorised access and in the worst case, wiped remotely of any sensitive data. Additional functions include setting off an alarm or taking remote photos of the thief and their surroundings.

1 Prey. This is tracking software that sits dormant on your device until it is remotely activated. The product enables the user to lock or wipe sensitive data via a web based platform. You can also activate an alarm or send the thief a message that they are being traced.
£ Free.

2. Norton Anti-Theft. As you would expect from this well-known name the package delivers all the main features of remote locking and device location. Deleting data is not available but you can send the finder a message to aid its recovery and Sneak Peak lets you take photos of whoever has your property.
£29.99 for 3 devices for a year.

3. miTracker. As well as providing the track and trace utilities, remote locking and erasing, this package also includes a very powerful encryption tool to secure your data. This might be handy with the likes of GCHQ hacking into fibre optic broadband cables to take their own Sneaky Peak.
£19.95 a year.

4. Lalarm. This is a free download that sounds a number of various alarms when your laptop is in danger of being lost, stolen, or suffering a catastrophic hardware failure. Includes remote locking and data removal.
£ Free

5. LoJack. This company supply not only a tracking facility but recovery as well. Working with the Police they will make every effort to have your device returned. Again, you are able to lock or remotely delete personal or sensitive data.
£39.95 for one year.

6. IPFetcher. This programme is quite simple but it is free. When your computer is started or moved the IP address changes. This is emailed to you and provides enough information for the Police to track a stolen laptop.
£ Free

7. Adeona. An Open Source system for tracking lost or stolen computers. One advantage is that it does not rely on third parties, which might be important if you are concerned about your privacy.
£ Free

Laptop security makes a lot of sense, it is simple to set up and you can get most applications for free. Why not do it today, who knows who will have their hands on your computer tomorrow.