Windows 8.1 Will Fix Windows 8

When released, Windows 7 was a big hit and everyone seemed to want to get it installed onto their computers. However, the same cannot be said for Windows 8. The newest version of Windows introduced a new interface that many people found intimidating, and so they have been hesitant about making the switch. In order to address some of the complicated issues that may have been present in Windows 8 and to encourage more people to download this updated operating system, Microsoft has introduced Windows 8.1.

What’s New?
Some changes have been made in order to enhance the Windows 8 platform.

Below are some of the most important changes.
Hints were introduced to help new users grasp Windows 8. The start hintwill appear in the same position that the Windows 7 start button normally is. This way, it’s easy to find and helps get new users started. You can now have more customization options with the Windows 8 interface as well. This will make you able to know where all of your important tools are so that you can access them easily.

Most IT support workers will enjoy the SkyDrive feature. This places all save documents into one convenient location that can be accessed anywhere using the cloud.This can make it possible for an IT support Orange County employee to access information from someone’s computer without having to use their computer themselves.

The PC settings module has been adjusted so that it is more similar to the Windows 7 control panel that many IT support workers are familiar with. This makes it easy to make adjustments to your settings. Touch devices will now have some more options with the on-screen keyboard feature. This will allow you to change settings such as the sensitivity or keyboard placement.Another helpful feature for both the standard user and IT support Orange County workers is the new search function. This makes it easier to find just about anything on your computer with the new Windows 8.1 changes. You can search for apps, settings, options, and much more by using the simple search function.